About us


Warrior Code Inc. embodies certain virtues—honor, integrity, selflessness, loyalty, and mission first. Code, in our case, is two fold - programming and words to live by. At Warriors Code Inc. it is expected that training be paid forward, that our warriors maintain professionalism and updated skills.

President & CEO Dr. Anthony Newkirk is a Native American & African American 10-year (1989-2000) USAF ammunition specialist veteran. Also formerly incarcerated (3 years in prison for DUI 2005-2008) and upon release achieved a Bachelor's degree In Information Technology from Ottawa University in 2009, an MBA from Keller Graduate in 2010 and a Ph.D. in Information Technology from Capella University in 2019. He is an enrolled member of the Gila River Indian Community, an Akimel O'odham tribal member (Tohono O'odham & Hopi lineage as well) that was born Chicago, Illinois and now resides in Phoenix, Arizona.


"We are blessed with a group of great team members - all of whom are focused on serving each and every student that walks through our door, with nothing short of life changing training."
Dr. Anthony Newkirk


We are partnering with Lights Camera Discover (LCD) a 501c3 nonprofit

Lights Camera Discover provides workshops to students throughout the country. In each of our workshops our students will have the opportunity to learn various components of preforming and digital arts. We teach the subjects of acting, digital film making, photography, screenwriting, digital editing, web design, motion graphics and more. Photo: Future Stars students in partnership with Lights Camera Discover 


Michael Preston, MBA
Director, GRIC Youth Council

April J. Winston
CEO, Journey Solutions Inc.

Anthony Newkirk, PhD
President & CEO, Warriors Code Inc.

Bob Daquilante
President & CEO, Accram Inc.

Mike Mercado
President & CEO, Estrella Valley Technical